Woodland Breaks – A teenager’s perspective

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The Woodlands at Hothorpe Hall recently welcomed 15-year-old Isabel on work experience so before she left, we asked her to write a blog from a teenager’s perspective. Here Isabel tells you all about leisure breaks at The Woodlands…


If somebody said the word “holiday” to you, what would you picture? A beach in the Caribbean? A coastal cottage? The word is often clichéd in our minds; and in modern day society we sometimes find it difficult to differentiate the actual meaning from what we imagine it to be. Of course, in reality a holiday can be anything from a night in the country, to three days in a city or a fortnight on a tropical island. However, not many people would automatically picture a woodland break upon hearing the word.

The Woodlands provides an exclusive and original opportunity for some time away from everyday life. Situated in a picturesque countryside within the grounds of Hothorpe Hall, it delivers five snugs (and a treehouse for adults only) in which you can enjoy a break. Surrounded by woods and coutnryside, each boasts a unique, cosy atmosphere, perfect for spending time with those you love.

Every snug includes a kitchen, lounge, two bedrooms and two en-suite bathrooms. As a teenager, I find this great for a holiday as it brings the family closer together, yet still provides the privacy that all teenagers require. The kitchen is small but fully functional, and sits right beside the lounge area – which is perfect for playing games as a family or watching the television together. The bedrooms are comfortable and modern – both complete with a television, which is ideal for both summer and winter. Last but not least, the decking outside each snug is spacious, and displays a beautiful view over the woodland.

Onsite, activities range from exploring the woodland, to taking walks in the countryside, enjoying the firepit in the evening, or simply staying inside to spend time with each other. All of this, and of course the full Wi-Fi, provide endless activities for any age range – all enjoyable.

Offsite, there are many fabulous attractions nearby to entertain everybody. Places such as Farndon Fields (great for fruit picking in the summer), Wistow Maze and Foxton Locks are all brilliant for days out. As a teenager I love shopping, and know for a fact that many of my favourite shops are close to The Woodlands. Furthermore, places to eat such as Zizzi, Wildwood, Gallone’s Ice Cream Parlour and Pizza Express are also in nearby Market Harborough, providing an easy alternative to staying in during the evening. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the rain can ruin a planned day out, but fortunately there are cinemas nearby, which is especially great if you love films as much as I do.

The Woodlands provides an exclusive break for any family wishing for some time away from the hustle and bustle. It sits in a perfect place and is surrounded by beauty and wildlife. Although – as some people may have preferred – it is not near a beach, it still provides all of the entertainment and relaxation factors that a coastal or tropical holiday would. The modern facilities and striking woodland add to the beauty that the Hothorpe Hall already bestows; and helps to create irreplaceable memories.

Woodland log cabin snug

Looking at a Woodland Snug