Say Yes to a Staycation!

Posted on 18-04-2019 by in News

According to research* 66% of us enjoyed a staycation in 2018, up 10% from 2017, and there’s nothing to suggest this is going to decrease anytime soon! In fact, according to The Skyes Staycation Index, Brits are planning an average of 3 UK trips this year.

Let’s take a look at all the things there is to love about staycations…


When you picture lakes, rivers, green countryside and amazing views, you’d be forgiven if the UK isn’t the first destination that comes to mind. However, when you think about it, we’ve got it all – parts of Wales, Scotland and even The Lake District are famed for their breath taking views! Our very own luxury treehouse is nestled within 12 acres of grounds and its elevated position allows you to see the gorgeous scenery for miles around. You can’t beat it for views of the British countryside!  

Travel time

There is nothing worse than jet lag, right? Quite obviously with staycations this is not an issue, just hop in the car and you’re on your way! You’ll also save the time you would spend travelling to and from the airport, queuing, checking in your luggage and all those other bits that sit between you and relaxation!

Short break

Sometimes a short break is all you want, all you can afford or all you can get the time off work for, and it’s not always possible when going abroad. Sure, we can fly to Spain in 2 hours and come back two days later but, again, so much time is wasted at the airport. You can also find that if you choose flight times that allow the maximum time at an overseas destination you end up paying well over the odds!

Close to home

By staycationing close to home, or at least close-ish, you’re getting to experience the surroundings as a tourist, something you might not do otherwise. You never know, you might come across the most beautiful, relaxing place that’s everything a holiday should be right on your doorstep…

… and it might just be The Treehouse!

Once you’ve stayed with us, it won’t be difficult for you to visit again and again!

* The Skyes Staycation Index