5 ways to relax & refresh at The Treehouse

Posted on 09-08-2018 by in News

It’s over half way through the year, you’re back from your summer holiday and looking for your next getaway – we all know we’ll need another one between now and Christmas (the adverts have started already!) Well, don’t worry we’ve got just the break for you at our luxury treehouse on the edge of Leicestershire and Northants, and here’s how you can make the most of it to ensure you relax and unwind.

P.S. Don’t worry about work’s holiday allowance – we accept one night stays!

1.Get active

No need to panic – not too active, but, as much as we hate to admit it exercise is good the mind, body and soul, so what better place to exercise than in the middle of the countryside? Leave the cosyness of the treehouse and take a walk along the canal to Foxton Locks (just a few miles away) or see if you can make it through Wistow Maze (a fantastic maize maze!). If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, quad bikes, paintballing, hovercrafts and road buggies are all nearby, so we’ve got you covered.

2.Listen to music

‘Music is what feeling sounds like’, according to a quote on Pinterest anyway, and with our Bluetooth sound system you can feel however you like, with your own playlist!

 3.Take a bath

It’s scientifically proven (apparently) that having a bath relieves stress – and what a bath we have to jump in to in the treehouse! The freestanding deep tub is roomy enough for two and you can turn down the lights and illuminate the bathroom with the twinkling spotlights from the floor instead.

  4.Have a nap

If you can’t curl up and sleep like a baby in the middle of the day when you’re away, when can you? The treehouse is fully equipped with everything to suit your napping needs – king size bed, smart TV (that swivels round to face the bed), comfy sofa, electric ‘wood’ burner and a treetop view so you can nap like you’ve never napped before!

 5.Eat well

Whatever ‘eating well’ means to you (fruit and veg or a big juicy burger) you’ll be in good hands. With a breakfast hamper ready and waiting for you on arrival for after your first night you’ll already be off to a good start for tasting the finest food around. For the evening, take your pick from local restaurants in nearby villages or local town Market Harborough, or further cafes and pubs nearby. Or, you can bring your own food and drinks to make the most of the kitchenette, which is ideal for light meals. If you’d like some champagne to be chilling on ice for your arrival, you can pre-order from us and we’ll arrange it all!


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