Let us explain why we’re re-branding…

Posted on 13-12-2018 by in Uncategorised

The Treehouse Logo


We promised to keep you updated as our re-brand happens, so welcome to the first blog post under our new name, The Treehouse!

As mentioned, you might start to notice a few changes across the website, as well as, social media channels and content and here’s why…

The Treehouse now sits under the parent brand of ‘Hothorpe Venues’, with two sister brands ‘Hothorpe Hall’ and ‘The Woodlands’ (both of which will also undergo changes in time).

To make things simple it’s probably best to explain our structure:

The Treehouse is nestled within the twelve acres of land that surrounds Hothorpe Hall and The Woodlands and therefore the three separate venues are looked after by the same team. Over the past few years we’ve seen considerable growth across all areas of our business and are now at the point where each venue has its own unique offering that we want to make clear – hence the new name, after all, The Treehouse is a treehouse!

So, that’s it. Nothing too big and scary, just a little clarity for our lovely customers!